Medieval Styled Photo Shoot at  Layer Marney Towers, Essex

For this Inspirational Photo Shoot we took a step back in time to create this medieval styled shoot working alongside hand picked wedding suppliers

Recently, Gemini Styling planned a medieval bridal styled shoot with a modern twist, to capture the attention of brides looking for a historical themed wedding and to deliver inspiration to  brides who are unsure of what they would like their wedding day to look like. 

If you are a bride who is drawn to the idea of a medieval-inspired wedding but is still unsure, this stunning Celtic medieval-styled photoshoot may just make up your mind.

The results of this creative photoshoot are absolutely incredible, and with the amount of talent and work that went on behind the scenes, we are not surprised! 

To create such a detailed and unique look, suppliers for every aspect of this incredible photoshoot were brought together to create one overall flawless set.  

The Celtic-inspired wedding dress was simply breathtaking with intricate details and flowing fabric made the model appear as if she had just stepped out of the medieval era. Beautifully hand crafted celtic jewellery and a hair piece designed specifically for the shoot completed the look, with pieces that were both luxurious and understated adding a touch of glamour to the style.

Another impressive aspect of this shoot was the floristry. The florist used a combination of wildflowers, roses, and greenery to create a historical feel. The colour palette was carefully chosen to reflect the colours of the medieval Celtic era, with deep greens and soft pinks that worked perfectly with the dress, makeup, and of course – hair!  

For this shoot, Gemini Styling focused on creating a hairstyle that would embody the medieval theme while also being modern and stylish. Chopsticks and heat were used to create soft,  waves that gave the hair a natural and gentle look that was both elegant and sophisticated – this would have been popular among medieval women.

Gemini Styling designed this hairstyle to follow the natural movements of the Celtic dress – flowy, natural, and soft. The model’s hair was placed in a delicate, twisted half up style, whilst the rest was left to cascade down the model’s back and shoulders, creating a stylish and organic look with a hint of modernism. 

The result was a look that was both elegant and timeless –  perfectly capturing the essence of the medieval era. 



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